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Dr. Romina Gazis-Seregina - The Crucial Role of Diagnostics in Disease Management

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Forum : Farm to Kitchen - Making Foods Safe

On October 12, 2023, UC Davis food science professors of Cooperative Extension shared their important work. Every delicious jar of pickles you’ve eaten has made it safely from the farm to your…

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PLP 290 Winter 2023 2-6-2023 Working on the Interface Between Science and Policy

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Sultan Begna 2022 WAC - Effects of Irrigation Frequency & Cutting Schedules on Yield, Crop Water Productivity, & Forage Quality of Alfalfa Variety in California's Central Valley

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Michelle Leinfelder-Miles 2022 WAC - Soil Health in Alfalfa Receiving Full & Deficit Irrigation

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Fred Darland 2022 WAC - Sustainable Water Management Software

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Ali Montazar 2022 WAC - Deficit Irrigation Strategies

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From pre-breeding to end product: life in the table grape industry

Karla Huerta, R & D Technologist, SNFL Group, Fresno, CA

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Sips and Bites: Olive Oil Tasting with Center Director

Javier Fernandez-Salvador is the new executive director of the UC Davis Olive Center. Previously an Assistant Professor at the agricultural extension service of Oregon State University, he has …

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Dr. Shawn Stricklin, "Validating New Ag Technology for Crop Nutrient Use Efficiency and On-Demand Plant Breeding"

April 9, 2021 Validating New Ag Technology for Crop Nutrient Use Efficiency and On-Demand Plant Breeding Shawn Stricklin, PhD Data Platform Lead Sound Agriculture

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SCOPE Organic Small Grains Field Day

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Soil Fertility Evaluation (Part 2) Ch 9 May 14 Lecture

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UFWH 2021 - Gabriel Ortiz_No disruption of rhizobial symbiosis during early stages of cowpea domestication.mp4

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VEN290 How trellis design can improve fruit quality in cold climates by Jason Reum (April 14 2020)

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