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Creating Engaging and Interactive Videos with PlayPosit - from ATS Ed Tech Week

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Quantum Field Theory Visualized

From ScienceClic full video at

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Clip of Nutrient Interactions and Economics Ch 11 May 28 Lecture

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PlayPosit: Use Cases

(Recorded March 18, 2021)If you’ve attended any of our previous PlayPosit webinars, you have seen the many features of PlayPosit, and how it can be used to create interactive videos. It turns…

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Playposit 201: Advanced Features

For those of you looking to improve student engagement with your videos, the tool PlayPosit can help students stay engaged and retain key course content. PlayPosit is an online learning platform…

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Siddique Lab PLP 2021 Recruitment

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ECS251 WQ2021 Process Management - Process Creation & Process Tree

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Getting Started with the PlayPosit Analytics Monitor

Have you been using PlayPosit this quarter? By now, you’ve likely noticed the data that PlayPosit provides you with via our monitor screen shows you tons of information about how exactly your…

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Introduction to PlayPosit

Interested in making your instructional videos more interactive? Consider using PlayPosit, an online learning environment for creating and sharing interactive video lessons. This webinar kicked…

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Christopher Perez explains how to put together a MO for ammonia once you have the LGOs

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Lecture 1 Oct 1. Course info and obstacles for herbivores

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Biophysics Vignette Faller Group Fall 2020

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ATS Webinar: Creating Interaction in Live Remote Sessions - April 17, 2020

Access these slides:

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Storer Lecture - Mingjie Zhang - 10-15-2019

"Understanding Brain Cell Communication--from a biochemistry perspective."

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HYD151: Vadose Zone Hydrology

This 44-minute presentation introduces concepts associated with measuring soil water content and matric potential.

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