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Maximizing Learning from Instructional Video - from ATS Ed Tech Week

Recording of ATS Ed Tech Week webinar, "Maximizing Learning from Instructional Video," from January 13, 2022 We shared research-based strategies about how to make instructional videos…

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Industrial IoT in winemaking: real-time density measurements for modelling and prediction of future fermentation behavior

Sensing, Imaging and Signal Processing 10 Team Lead: James Nelson Advisor: Prof. Knoesen

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PLS100BL Live Session - Lab 5 - Plants Growth Analysis and Fruit Load Experiment

Live session to show the experimental setup for the plant growth analysis and fruit load experiments. The requirements for Lab 5 Report were explained in detail. During group office hours, we talked…

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PLS100BL Lab 5: Fruit Load Experiment Demo

Explanation on how the fruit load experiment was set up for Lab 5. The three treatments: all fruits, one fruit per truss, and no fruits are discussed in detail by Ryan Eadry.

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module 5, video 1, Music 107B


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Estuarine Connectivity Symposium - Mathias Kondolf - February 18, 2020

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