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Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminar Series: Dr. Mallarie Yeager

John & Mary Louise Riley Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminar Series:Dr. Mallarie Yeager: "The stability and functioning of multitrophic communities" About the Speaker: Mallarie is…

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All-photonic quantum simulators with spectrally disordered ensembles of emitters

Victoria Norman Abstract: We model an all-photonic quantum simulator that consists of a solid-state coupled-cavity array with integrated ensembles of color centers. We quantify conditions for…

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Quantum Simulators in Photonic Devices

Anahita Pochiraju Abstract: Integrated photonics has promising applications in the quantum simulation of fundamental physics phenomena. In this context, we study light and matter hybridization in…

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What is "Street Medicine" and Why Does It Exist?

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ECExpo 2021 Panel Discussion: Future of University Education

Participants: Shoba Krishnan, Professor and Chair of ECE, Santa Clara University Jeff Reed, Professor of ECE, Virginia Tech Babak Taheri, CEO Silvaco, Inc.

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Quantum simulation using coupled cavity arrays with emitters

Photonic and Electronic Devices 10 Team Lead: Jesse Patton Advisor: Prof. Radulaski

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Healthy UC Davis 2021 Proposals Informational Session

Do you have an idea to make UC Davis the healthiest community in the nation? Learn about the Healthy UC Davis 2021 Call for Proposals in this informational session. Topics include: Short overview…

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Healthy UC Davis Informational Session

Learn about the Healthy UC Davis campus-wide initiative in this previously recorded informational session on Oct. 15, 2020. The session contains an overview of our steering committee, funded…

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ESP 168a: Video 1.3 - Class Intro and Logistics

Steps in the Policy Analysis Process

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Gaming Metrics - Personal v. Industrial Cheating (02-04-2016)

"Personal v. Industrial Cheating" MacKenzie Smith, Finn Brunton, Sarah de Rijcke, Jeffrey Beall, Dan Morgan

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Gaming Metrics - University Rankings: Game or Cooking? Panel (02-04-2016)

"University Rankings: Game or Cooking?" - Martin Kenney, Barabara Kehm, Lior Pachter, Daniele Fanelli

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Gaming Metrics - Gaming the Game Across the Board Panel (02-04-2016)

"Gaming the Game Across the Board" - Timothy Lenoir, Alex Csiszar, Paul Wouters, Karen Levy

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Gaming Metrics - Mario-Biagioli (02-04-2016)

"From Publish or Perish to Impact or Perish" -Mario Biagioli

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Gaming Metrics - Welcoming Remarks (02-04-2016)

Ralph Hexter Welcoming Remarks at "Gaming Metrics - Innovation & Surveillance in Academic Misconduct" conference, February 4, 2016

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