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Lunn Lecture - Robert Pogue Harrison (1/21/2024)

What is a River? Nature, Culture, and Human Psyche

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Josiah McElheny | The California Studio: Manetti Shrem Artist Residencies

Josiah McElheny is an expert glassblower whose installations, sculpture, paintings and films engage with the history of his medium and the history of ideas. He has received numerous awards, including…

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SITT 2023: Using technology to facilitate learning abstract concepts by Paul Martin

Full Title: Using augmented reality models, customized analog LED point cube tools, and behavioral spectrometer active analysis examples to facilitate a student’s learning of abstract concepts,…

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HDE 131 Spring 2023, Lecture 3.2, Part 3

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Tom Wood 2022 WAC - Chitosan, Crop Input

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Richard Feynman on Quantum Behavior

full lecture at

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An Ode to Plants

by Laurel Schmidt and Claire Young

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Esters in the Real World

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ECS 220 4a:6 (P vs. NP) vs. other major mathematical questions

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Lecture 20 - Sustainability Science (ESM 120) - Winter 2021

Today, is our final lecture. Today, we conclude our incredible exploration through time, across the universe, and deep into the mysteries of the remarkable planet we know as Earth, with today’s…

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ESP170 L18 March 10. Indigenous Cons - course synthesis

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ESP170 L17a March 8 Conservation Finance

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ESp170 L15a Economic vehicles for private land conservaton

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ESP170 L13a Feb 22 CRP and easements

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ESP170 L12 Feb17 Land ownership

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ESP170 L7b Jan 28 Fisheries Management Part 1

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