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MADDD seminar 2021-11-03: David Glickenstein: Discrete conformal geometry and adversarial examples of neural networks

David Glickenstein: Discrete conformal geometry and adversarial examples of neural networks Abstract: Discrete differential geometry is a field that uses the ideas and techniques of differential…

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His 147C Lect. 3: The Tractatus

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SITT 2021 - Video Brings Voice, Complementarity and Multilingual Reach to our Biodemography Textbook

James Carey I will report on the strategies and methods I am using to produce playlists of scripted video modules for virtually all of the content in each of 11 chapters in my recently published…

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05.17.21 - ECI 247L

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ENV200C Writing a conclusion

Guidance for writing the conclusion to your strategy memo

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EEC 100 Tips 03 - Proper Screenshots

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ECS 120 8b:4 how to remember which direction reductions go

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ECS 120 4a:2 example of DFA simulating NFA (subset construction)

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ECS 120 3c:3 NFA concatenation proof

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Seeing Quantum (Thur.)

MRI, Visible Human Project, TV, accelerators, artifical elements, cloud chamber.Artists: Ricardo Dominguez and Jeremey Rourke.Editing with Da Vinci Resolve.

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Lect3B Jan 11 Asynch Values

Th asynchronous part of Jan 11 class

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What you should know about homo- and heteronuclear MOs, general principles about how to put together MOs, A Procedure to follow, how to find the symmetry labels on the central atom, reminder about…

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ECS-175: 2020-10-27 11:00

ECS-175 Lecture 2020-10-27 at 11:00

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