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Virtually On the Road in Paso Robles - April 5, 2024

On The Road programs are educational seminars that help us to communicate with the California grape and wine industries by bringing faculty to different regions of California. We present relevant…

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Wheat Field Phenotyping

Saarah Kuzay discusses how to interpret wheat phenotypes in the field.

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Making the Best of Pests: The Value of Bug-Bitten Tea and Barriers to its Spread

Dr. Eric Scott, Scientific Programmer & Educator, University ofArizona

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Heinz Bernhardt 2022 WAC - Separating Clover & Alfalfa Leaves During Harvest to Provide Protein for Pigs or Poultry

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Corey Ransom 2022 WAC - Weed ID & Herbicide Injury

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BIS 2C Fall 22 Midterm 3 Review Session Part 2

Midterm 3 Review Session Part 2

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Field trip

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ECS 220 4b:6.2 upper bounds versus lower bounds

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ECS 220 4a:6.1-1 the polynomial hierarchy

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ECS 220 2b:4.3-5 nondeterministic computation

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ECS 120 0:4 graphs and trees (discrete math review)

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Lecture 17 - Introduction to Biomes and Vegetation II - ESM 120 (Winter 2021)

This is your guide speaking, and today begin our direct flight over Earth’s biomes starting with a trip to the tropics. Oh, we're getting attacked by mosquitos! By definition, the tropics…

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Lecture 16 - Introduction to Biomes and Vegetation - ESM 120 (Winter 2021)

Much like the flights of craft beer at a brewery that allow one to take a taste of all that the brewery has to offer, we begin our flight over Earth’s biosphere to understand a little about…

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PLS100BL Lab 6 Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth (GA & ABA) Experimental Demo 2

Practical explanation by Dr. Mar Rubio about how to set the Li-COR instrument to gather gas exchange data in leaves of the ABA deficient mutant (sit) and WT tomato plants with and without ABA sprays.

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