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Women & Philanthropy Speaker Series: STEM, Stories and Sheroes: Impacting the Next Generation

Join us as Hala Kurdi Cozadd facilitates a conversation with Dr. Theanne Griffith, neuroscientist and award winning children's book author, as they explore how persistence and preparedness can…

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Xueheng Shi P.h.D. - Changepoint Analysis in Time Series Data Past and Present

CeDAR (Center for Data science and Artificial intelligence Research) and UCD4IDS (UC Davis TETRAPODS Institute for Data Science) held their first joint conference in person on Friday, December 2,…

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Career Development Week_L&D Resources_UC Davis Health Nov2022

Join us to hear an overview of Learning and Development resources for staff and faculty, specific to UC Davis Health. Learning and Development offers instructor-led courses and workshops, development…

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PHYEPS30 Lecture 8 Lecture 9

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Lecture 8 Lecture 9

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PHYEPS30 Lecture 6(First Part)

PHYEPS30 Lecture 6(First Part)

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PHYEPS30_Lecture 2(second part) Lecture 3(first part)

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Tea Tables in Harlot's Progress

Bethany Qualls, PhD candidate in English Literature takes us on a tour of engravings involving tea tables from the 18th British text by William Hogarth, "A Harlot's Progress". From…

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Hydrogen Spectrum

From Boyd Edwardfull video at

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His147A Sec. 2 Lecture 4: John W. Campbell

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DOLCE- April 2, 2021- Aggie Square

In this event John Marx, English Department Professor and Aggie Square Faculty Liaison presented on Aggie Square initiative. Then, Dr. Emily Merchant, Assistant Professor Science and Technology…

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Entomology 1 Watercolor Demo Introduction

This video introduces a series of 5 episodes on creating watercolor paintings that were created for use in Entomology 1: Art, Science and the World of Insects, produced by Diane Ullman, Professor of…

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EEC 100 Lab 07 - Fourier Series

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ECS 220 5c:7.1-1 the difference engine

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Pioneering Online Wine Sales

As our world slows down to combat Covid-19, businesses are forced to adapt to rising digital experience expectations. Wine consumption has significantly increased, and online sales have exploded.…

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PHY 255 Lecture 13 (Second Part) Lecture 14

PHY 255 Lecture 13 (Second Part) Lecture 14

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