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SITT 2023 - Tell Me a Story: Case Study Teaching in Science Utilizing Poll Everywhere, a Real-Time Student Response System by Sara Dye

This talk was given at the 2023 Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology. Teaching via case studies is a form of storytelling, which puts information into a real-world scenario that promotes…

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Lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS) for prevention of child undernutrition: when less may be more

Presenter: Kathryn G. Dewey August 16, 2023

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Finding primary literature from evidence synthesis

Finding evidence synthesis studies are great summaries with critical evaluation of included literature to a certain point. It is important to find studies published since the evidence synthesis or…

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CAMPOS Research Colloquium - Aldrin Gomez - February 08, 2023

Formal Presentation from minute 0 to 1:01:00, followed by Q&A and informal discussion. Speaker: Aldrin Gomez, Professor and Vice-Chair, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior; Professor,…

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Rachel Kerr

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Chris Kuzawa 1.18.23 IGN Seminar

Fetal Developmental Plasticity as Signal-Noise Problem: the Case of Nutrients and Stress Physiology

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Welcome and Introduction

College of Letters and Science Dean Atekwana GTI Founding Director Katharine Burnett

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512 Utts

This interview is with Jessica Utts, Professor Emeritus of Statistics. She came to UC Davis in 1978 to become a founding member of the Division of Statistics. After 30 years at UCD she moved to UC…

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Josh Gamble 2022 WAC - Can Alfalfa Improve Soil Carbon Storage?

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Yingjun Zhang 2022 WAC - Alfalfa for Better Management of Farm Scale Nitrogen

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POD Center Journal Club 11-17-22: Sperm DNA Methylation Alterations from Cannabis

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Storer Lecture (Public Lecture) - Stachidananda Panda - October 3, 2022

Professor Satchin Panda has been a leader in the field of circadian biology throughout his career in science. His discovery of a blue light sensor in the retina has led to human-centric lighting in…

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Spotlight Event Addressing Race In Research

August 22 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.Spotlight Event: Addressing Race in Research Clinical research has the potential to help advance health for everyone. But for that to work, it must include people…

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HDE 131 Lecture 1.4 recording - June 27th 2022, 12:14:40 pm

HDE 131 1.4

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2022 UC Davis Nuts and Berries Conference - Panel 1 Q & A

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2022 UC Davis Nuts and Berries Conference - Dr. Barbara Shukitt-Hale

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