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Covid-19 Vaccines and Children

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2021-02-06 Mini Medical School Week 1

Lecture 1: The Long and Short of COVID—Sumathi Sankaran-Walters, MBBS, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Medicine Lecture 2: State of the Art: Transmission and Prevention of COVID-19—Dean…

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Environmenal biotech Friday review

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TownHall 5 Dr Haczku

Dr. Angela Haczku, M.D., Ph.D., is a Professor of Medicine, Director of the UC Davis Lung Center, and is Associate Dean of Translational Research for the School of Medicine. Dr. Haczku is co-author…

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Vaccines and Therapeutics Friday Review

Review of last quizReview of last two lectures

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Vaccines and therapeutics against coronaviruses

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Town Hall 2 Prof. Jonathan Eisen

Dr Jonathan Eisen is a Professor at the University of California, Davis with appointments in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, and the…

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Murray B. Gardner

In this conversation, Emeritus Professor Murray Gardner discusses his career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped his interests and…

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