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Lec 26, Jun 3.mp4

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Lec 22, May 22.mp4

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Jason Montez 3.6.24 IGN Seminar

Updating FAO-WHO nutrient intake values for infants and young children

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Phase 1 of simplex method and examples with pivot tools.

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Terminology and notation for the simplex method. Dictionaries, basis, slack variables, basic feasible solutions and the relationship between these. Certification of results in terms of the objective…

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Focus on Work-Life Well-Being with Fulfillment 11_15_23

Are you struggling to find work-life well-being between your work and personal life? Do you feel like your productivity and happiness are suffering as a result? This workshop is for you! Gain the…

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SITT 2023: Providing Immediate Feedback with Prairie Learn by Matthew Butner

Tired of rewriting the same Canvas Quiz Question 15+ times in order to randomize it? Have a great idea for a question but are forced to compromise on it to shoehorn into Canvas's very…

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Getting Started with Teaching Statements (GET Workshop)

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HDE 131 Spring 2023, Lecture 2.3, Part 3

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Data cleaning can be a time consuming aspect of research. Join us for look at Loofah, a tool to help researchers clean their data. Data Loofah was developed within the UCD Clinical &…

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Stage 5 Data Demonstration Part 4: Aggregating PI Scores

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Stage 5 Data Demonstration Part 3: Summarizing Data

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Career Development Week_Discovering Your Purpose Driven Work Nov2022

Discovering your career purpose can be difficult. When you are entrenched in your current position, it can be challenging to see how your work fits into the University’s mission, vision, and…

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Our group members are Jet Zheng, Qiudi Cheng, Qian Chen and Guillermo Garibay. We researched on color difference between bugs which feed on golden rain trees and balloon vine trees.

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ECS-235A, November 16, 2022

ECS-235A, Lecture 24, November 16, 2022

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