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ECS 235A Fall Quarter 2021, Lecture 8, October 8, 2021

This is the video of the eighth lecture. It's crude as I made it from my laptop, as the room has no video recording. We moved to a different room.

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ECS 120 5b:1 examples of using the Myhill-Nerode Theorem

I forgot to write on this slide that this is Section 7.7 in the lecture notes.

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Richard Feynman on New Laws of Physics

full lecture at

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from Veritasiumfull video at

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How Does a Quantum Computer Work?

from Veritasium

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ECS222A Project - Chuan Hsin Cho, Yu Hsuan Tseng

Paper: Nyberg, Daniel. (2011). Analysis of Two Common Hidden Surface Removal Algorithms, Painter’s Algorithm & Z-Buffering.Kandidatexjobb CSC ; K11061.

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End-to-End Optimized High-Speed Single-Pixel Imaging via Pattern Scanning

Photonic and Electronic Devices 11 Team Lead: Kangning Zhang Advisor: Prof. Yang

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Archetypal analysis is an unsupervised learning method that uses a convex polytope to summarize multivariate data. For fixed k, the method finds a convex polytope with k vertices, called archetype…

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ECS 153, Spring 2021; Discussion Section #2; April 12, 2021

ECS 153 Spring 2021. Computer Security. This is the first discussion section of the week of April 12. The video begins at 6:21 from the beginning.

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ECS 220 5c:7.1-1 the difference engine

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ECS 220 5a:6.4-1 oracles and relativized worlds

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UCCSS 10-2 Tech and Ethics: Attention Economy

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Lab1, Part4: Creating Simulation Profile (AC Sweep)

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quick demo of the Rstudio Regexplain add-in

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Ruimeng Wang Research Talk (2020 Larock Conference, Physical/Analytical Presentation #2)

Title: Theoretical Investigation of the Catalytic Mechanism of N2 to NH3 Reduction by an Aluminum Complex Authors: Ruimeng Wang and Lee-Ping Wang Abstract: The reduction of nitrogen gas (N2) to NH3…

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