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His 147A 0U1 (W'23) Lecture 8, Part 1: SF Since the 1970s

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farm HPC hands-on: Friday 2pm, Jan 27th, 2023

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Clip of HSI Summit Pt. 2 - "Plenary Keynote" (1 hr 1 min 32 sec)

HSI Summit Pt. 2 - Quantum Information Sciences Session: QIS Pedagogy Plenary Panel Length: 1 hr 1 min 32 sec Plenary Speaker Introduction: Dr. Mark Pederson, Professor, Department of Physics,…

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147A 2021: SF since the 1970s, Part 1

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Workshop 11: Making Use of On-Demand "Cloud" Computers from Amazon Web Services

This workshop will introduce attendees to AWS computer “instances” that let you rent compute time on large or specialized computers. We will also talk about how to estimate the compute…

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Intro to the UNIX Command Line

This workshop introduces the UNIX command line, which is the main way to interact with remote computers. We will cover computing concepts, file systems and directory structure, and some of the most…

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His 147A Sec. 2: SF since the 1970s, Part 1

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ECS 153, Spring 2021; Discussion Section #8; May 25, 2021

ECS 153 Spring 2021. Computer Security. This is the section discussion section of the week of May 24. The video begins at 3:29 from the beginning.

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ECS 220 7c:7.5-1 Turing's applied philosophy

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ECS 220 5c:7.1-2 the analytical engine

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ECS 120 1a:1 introduction to course

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ECE3_Quantum Computing and Hardware Security

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Biophysics Vignette Faller Group Fall 2020

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Part-II LEADR- Library Orientation

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HYD151: Dataloggers

This 33-minute presentation explains what a dataloggers is, what its components are, ad some of the different practical issues that come up in using one.

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HYD151: Rain Measurement and Sampling, part 2

This 28-minute presentation explains the different technologies available to measure and sample precipitation, especially rainfall.

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