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2022 School of Education Student Speaker - Stacy Wittstock - June 8th

Stacy Nicole Wittstock, candidate for the degree of PhD, gives the student address at the School of Education graduation at the Robert & Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts on the UC…

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An Ode to Plants

by Laurel Schmidt and Claire Young

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ECE3_Quantum Computing and Hardware Security

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Oct 27 Lecture 5. Pollination 1

pollination, flowers, evolution of angiosperms, goals of plants and pollinators, which taxa, and more...

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Oct. 20. Lecture 4. Effects on communities and coevolution

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Lecture 2. Tues Oct 6. Prevalence and impact, Vertebrate vs Invert, Plant defense types

I describe the major differences between vertebrate and invertebrate herbivory. Also give examples of types of plant defenses

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PBI298 Lecture#4-2 Cyanogenic Glycosides

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Lecture: Topic 4 – Plant Signaling (Wednesday, April 22nd)

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The History of the Second Amendment and American Gun Control Laws - Carlton Larson

Carlton Larson, Professor, School of Law

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Prof Philipp Zerbe from the Plant Biology Department at UCDavis describes the vast set of plant terpenes, their biosynthesis and their roles in plant-human interactions

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