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HDE 104 Lecture recording - September 28th 2021, 12:09:24 pm

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UFWH 2021 - Jess Gerrior_Eating Change_ A Critical Autoethnography of Community Gardening and Cultivating Identity in Food Systems

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env200c - logic models for policy analysis

How to make a logic model to support and inform your analysis

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ENV200C Writing a conclusion

Guidance for writing the conclusion to your strategy memo

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ECS 120 4b:4 right-regular versus left-regular grammars

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ECS 120 4b:1 RRGs can simulate DFAs example

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ECS 120 2b:4 right-regular grammars

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ECS 120 2b:3 formal definition of CFG semantics

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ECS 120 2b:1 CFG introduction

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BEAM: A Tool for Academic Writing

This video introduces BEAM as a way to think about purposeful source use in academic writing. BEAM is an acronym for Background, Exhibit, Argument, and Method sources.

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How (and Why) to Use Groups in Canvas

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ESP 168a: Video 3.3 - Multi Criteria Analysis and Indicators and Indices

Introduction to Multi-Criteria Analysis

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SITT 2020 Faculty Talk - Shifting Expectations for a Practicum Course

Presenter: Hannah Minter Anderson This presentation will share lessons learned from shifting an applied practicum experience into a remote learning opportunity. Presenter will highlight assignment…

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Guidance for writing problem statement section of policy paper

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Quick overview of content and structure for a background section of policy paper

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Guidance for writing the author blurb on your policy paper

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