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SS2 7B Lecture 1 Recorded

Lecture 1 of Physics 7B SS2 2023

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R Seminar

Speaker, PhD candidate Luis Salazar, from UC Davis, introduces students to RStudio. He discusses what R is, what it can do, and shows what the program looks like when you are working in it. He…

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Jan Grafe April 13 2022

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Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminar Series: Dr. Marissa Baskett

John & Mary Louise Riley Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminar Series: Dr. Marissa Baskett: "Feedback loops in kelp forest systems and their effects on fisheries and restoration…

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Using Industrial IoT and Predictive Modeling to Improve Wine Fermentation - James Nelson

Wine fermentation is unique from other fermentation industries as the initial conditions of grape juice chemistries vary drastically from year to year and vine to vine, resulting in widely different…

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PHYEPS30 Lecture 6(Second Part) Lecture 7(First Part)

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Dr. Moshelion 13 Jan 2022 Plant Sciences Seminar : Diurnal stomatal apertures and density ratios affect whole-canopy stomatal conductance, water-use efficiency and yield

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First WheatCAP meeting, edition 2022-2026

First meeting of the WheatCAP 2022-26 Project On Dec. 15 2021 we held the initial meeting of the new edition of the WheatCAP project. For more information visit:…

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Clip of Nutrient Interactions and Economics Ch 11 May 28 Lecture

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High-K Collective Scattering Diagnostics for Burning Plasmas

RF-to-THz Electronics and Waves 13 Team Lead: Xianzi Lu Advisor: Prof. Luhmann

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Industrial IoT in winemaking: real-time density measurements for modelling and prediction of future fermentation behavior

Sensing, Imaging and Signal Processing 10 Team Lead: James Nelson Advisor: Prof. Knoesen

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Form Factor.

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Urban Lecture Recording 2

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03.29.21 - ECI 247L.mp4

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EVE 115 W2021 Lecture 12

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