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From Rootstock Breeder to Grant Manager: Working in the Pest Management Grants Program at the Department of Pesticide Regulation

Andy Viet Nguyen, Environmental Scientist, Pest Management Grants Program, CA Department of Pesticide Regulation

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Grape Breeding and Genetics: Adventure, Application, Aspiration, and Andy Walker

Peter Cousins, Grape Breeder, Winegrowing Research, E & J Gallo Winery

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2022 Law Keynote Speaker -Judge Stacy Boulware Eurie - May 14th

The Honorable Stacy Boulware Eurie, a Sacramento Superior Court judge and a King Hall alumna from the class of 1995, delivers the keynote address at UC Davis School of Law 2022 Commencement…

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Erika Jacqueline Amort, the student manager of the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center at UC Davis, spoke about the importance of providing basic needs to students and what it meant to her when she…

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First Demonstration of Monolithic Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuit 32x32 Thin-CLOS AWGR for All-to-All Interconnections

Mingye Fu Abstract We designed, fabricated, and demonstrated the first monolithic silicon photonic Thin-CLOS AWGR. The fabricated Thin-CLOS has 32 ports and four 16-port silicon nitride AWGRs…

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Quantum Wrapper Networking - Sandeep Kumar Singh

Abstract: Classical Internet employs buffering, switching, and routing functionality to send information over thousands of kilometers of under-sea fiber-optical cables, while exposing the data to…

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PHYEPS30 Lecture 5 (First Part)

PHYEPS30 Lecture 5 (First Part)

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His 147A: SF Since the 1990s

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His 147A: British SF

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His 147C Lecture 6C: Walter Benjamin, Pt. 2

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His 147A Sec. 2, Lecture 2: Proto-SF and 4 Founding Figures

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His 147A Section 2: Lecture 1: Different Definitions of SF

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SITT 2021 -- Giovanni Circella

Dr. Circella discusses widening participation in a remotely-taught transportation survey methods class to include expert guest speakers and graduate students from UCLA (interview recorded from the…

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SITT 2021 - Benefits and challenges during online collaboration

James Housefield, Timothy McNeil, Fei Xue, and Margaret Merrill Our research team, comprising faculty and instructional designers, surveyed the students in a large design fundamentals class about…

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BML - Dr. Daisy Hui Shi: "Co-occurrence of California drought and Northeast Pacific marine heatwaves under climate change"

John & Mary Louise Riley Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminar Series: Dr. Daisy Hui Shi "Co-occurrence of California drought and Northeast Pacific marine heatwaves under climate change" …

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