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UC Capitol Speaker Series - Mindy Romero - 08-29-2017

"Vote Centers are Coming to California: What do we need to know to help ensure successful and equitable implementation?"

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Refugio Rochin

Name: Refugio I. Rochin Interviewer: Winfred Schleiner Date Interviewed: 1/9/2007 Date Appointed: 1971 Date Retired: 1994 Department: Agricultural and Resource Economics In this conversation…

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Emerging Scholars Panel Q&A (05-03-2016)

Panelists: Juan Garibay, PhD Maribel Santiago, PhD Antero Garcia, PhD

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Maribel Santiago (05-03-2016)

Seeing History Through Multiple Lenses: Making Sense of Mexican American Discrimination ------- As part of the Emerging Scholars Panel: Pushing the Boundries of Equity-Oriented Research Hosted by…

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