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Book Project - The Good News presented by Sasha Abramsky 10-30-2018


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UC Capitol Speaker Series - Mindy Romero - 08-29-2017

"Vote Centers are Coming to California: What do we need to know to help ensure successful and equitable implementation?"

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Todd Gitlin - January 24, 2017

Forum on the Public Univeristy and the Social Good

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Juan Garibay (05-03-2016)

Beyond Traditional Measures of Success in STEM: Predictors of Social Agency and Conducting Research for Social Change ----------- As part of the Emerging Scholars Panel: Pushing the Boundaries of…

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2014 School of Law Keynote Speaker: John A. Pérez

John A. Pérez, California’s 68th Assembly speaker, gives the keynote address at the UC Davis School of Law Commencement, May 16, 2014.

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