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525 Vemuri

This interview is with Rao Vemuri, Professor Emeritus of Applied Science. He held a joint appointment at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. He retired in 2010.His research focus was on Artificial…

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Ty Beal 2.15.23 IGN Seminar

Micronutrient Deficiencies Among Preschool-Age Children and Women of Reproductive Age Worldwide: A Pooled Analysis of Data from Population-Representative Surveys

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CRD-140: 2022-01-31 16:07

CRD-140 Lecture 2022-01-31 at 16:07

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Uniquely UC Davis: The Study of Tea Culture and Science

This Plugged In event, Uniquely UC Davis: The Study of Tea Culture and Science, featuring campus leaders Dr. Katharine Burnett, Dr. Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague, Dr. Jim Brown and Dean Estella Atekwana,…

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UFWH 2021 - Paul Stainier_The Effects of Hot Weather on Rural Indian Diet Quality_ A Focus on Iron

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Asian American Health Disparities and Implicit Bias

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Dr. Tom Reardon: Institute for Global Nutrition Seminar

Rapid transformation of food system in Africa: reflections on food system resilience and coping with COVID Dr. Tom Reardon 3/31/2021

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ARE/ECN 115A: Human Development (2)

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ESP 168a: Video 8.4 - Life-Cycle Analysis

Impact Analysis

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Book Project - Tenzing Thinley 11-08-2018

My Experience Living in Exile

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PICN - Cassie-Chandler - November 1, 2017

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Barbara Metcalf

Name: Barbara Metcalf Interviewer: Naomi Janowitz Date Interviewed: 1/30/2014 Date Appointed: 1986 Date Retired: 2003 Department: History In this conversation , Emerita Professor Barbara…

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Dewey Raski

Name: Dewey J. Raski Interviewer: Howard Ferris Date Interviewed: 5/26/1999 Date Appointed: 1954 Date Retired: 1987 Department: Nematology In this conversation , Emeritus Professor Dewey Raski…

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2017 College of Letters & Science Student Speaker - Srishti Birla

Srishti Birla, candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, gives the student address at the UC Davis College of Letters & Science 2pm commencement ceremony on June 17,2017

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2017 Graduate Studies Speaker - Prem Jain

Prem Jain, CEO and CFO of Pensando Systems, gives the keynote address at the UC Davis Graduate Studies commencement ceremony, June 15, 2017

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Book Project - Forum at MC - Raj Patel (03-13-2017)

Setting the Table for 9 Billion: Sustainability and Food Security for 2050. Panel discussion.

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