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How Plant Cells Divide (Cytokinesis)

Plant cells divide by building a wall inside an existing cell to create two new daughter cells. The process is called cytokinesis, and this video explains how it happens. Created in collaboration…

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Video S2. Narrated cytokinesis animation by Destiny Davis. For clarity, actin filaments and several organelles including endoplasmic reticulum and different endosomal populations are not shown in…

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Lecture 4 - Plate Tectonics and the Rock Cycle - ESM 120 (Winter 2022)

In this lecture, Professor Lybrand and I are going to take you from Earth’s deepest trenches of the oceans to the tallest mountains – we want to understand Earth across scales from the…

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Tea Tables in Harlot's Progress

Bethany Qualls, PhD candidate in English Literature takes us on a tour of engravings involving tea tables from the 18th British text by William Hogarth, "A Harlot's Progress". From…

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EAE-140: 2021-09-27 12:10

EAE-140 Lecture 2021-09-27 at 12:10

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BIS2B Spring 2021 Lab 6 A01 & A03

BIS2B Lab 6 Spring 2021 Sections A01 & A03

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Ultra-Small Coils for Through Metal Wireless Power Transfer

Integrated Circuits and Systems 11 Team Lead: Juan Romero Advisor: Prof. Pham

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Butterfly Bootstrap for Charge Redistribution Circuits

Integrated Circuits and Systems 10 Team Lead: Jun Ouyang Advisor: Prof. Lewis

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FST 110L Lab 3/4

Lab 3: Enthalpy balances and heat exchangers Lab 4: Steady- and unsteady-state heat transfer in heat exchangers Film credit: Amy Fletcher Edited by: Apichaya (Garn) Bunyatratchata & Stephanie…

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EPS 131 Lecture 11 (First Part)

EPS 131 Lecture 11 (First Part)

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EPS 131 Lecture 8

EPS 131 Lecture 8

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EPS 131 Lectures (4-6, First Part)

EPS 131 Lectures (4-6, First Part)

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EPS Lectures 2 (Second Part) , 3

EPS Lectures 2 (Second Part) , Lecture 3

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EPS 131_Lecture (First Part)

Lecture 2, First part on the origin of earth

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Healthy Eating With A Skinny Wallet

Looking to find ways to maximize your trip to the grocery store? Want to buy more healthy food but worried about the cost? Cooking on a budget shouldn’t mean canned beans and ramen noodles…

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MHI 289I, Fall 2020, Lecture #6

This is a recording of the sixth lecture, made by Zoom.

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