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EPS 131 11-14-2022 Lecture 20 Part 2

Part 2 of Lecture 20 on Global Warming on 11/14/2022

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Jaime Lemus spoke about climate change and the need for climate action. He is Division Manager of the Transportation and Climate Change Division of the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management…

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Virtually On the Road in the Foothills

On The Road programs are educational seminars that help us to communicate with the California grape and wine industries by bringing faculty to different regions of California. The hope is that we are…

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SAS004 09 Climate Update 2021

This is a supplementary video for the climate change presentation that updates the topic with additional developments between 2013 (AR5 assessment) and 2021 (AR6 assessment). The facts form the main…

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ABG 205 Lec16

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ABG 205 Lec14

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ABG 205 Lec11

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ABG 205 Lec10

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ABG 205 Lec9

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ABG 205 Lec7

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ECExpo 2021 Faculty Presentation

ECE’s research and grant highlights from our internationally recognized faculty including: Prof. Jeremy Munday Prof. Omeed Momeni Prof. Weijian Yang Prof. John Owens Prof. Jerry Woodall Prof.…

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DIsparities in Place_5_18_21

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Electron Cyclotron Radiation modeling in the plasma

RF-to-THz Electronics and Waves 14 Team Lead: Guanying Lu Advisor: Prof. Luhmann

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Battery Thermal Generation Study for Use in Electric Vehicles

Senior Design Project: SD20 (Systems) Team Leads: Osama Abualsoud, Conrad Rowling, Tucker Zischka, Milad Mehr Advisors: Roland Williams and Prof. Knoesen

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Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution and Benzyne Reactions

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FST 110L Lab 3/4

Lab 3: Enthalpy balances and heat exchangers Lab 4: Steady- and unsteady-state heat transfer in heat exchangers Film credit: Amy Fletcher Edited by: Apichaya (Garn) Bunyatratchata & Stephanie…

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