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2022 Law School Commencement Ceremony - May 14, 2022

Commencement ceremony for UC Davis School of Law.

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496 Hing

Bill Ong Hing joined the faculty of the School of Law as a Professor in the year 2000, after teaching at Stanford Law School and practicing at Baker & McKenzie, a leading…

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Rex R.Perschbacher

Interview # 444 Name: Rex R Perschbacher Interviewer: Bruce A Wolk Date Interviewed: 1/27/2017 Date appointed: 1981 Date Retired: 2015 In this conversation, Emeritus Professor Rex…

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Daniel Dykstra

Name: Daniel J. Dykstra Interviewer: Florian Bartosic Date Interviewed: 4/24/1996 Date Appointed: 1965 Date Retired: 1985 Department: Law School In this conversation Emeritus Professor Daniel…

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Edward Barrett, Jr.

Name: Edward L. Barrett, Jr. Interviewer: Daniel J. Dykstra Date Interviewed: 4/30/1994 Date Appointed: 1964 Date Retired: 1986 In this conversation , Emeritus Professor Edward Barrett, Jr.…

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2009 - Darrell Steinberg Speaks at the UC Davis School of Law Commencement

Darrell Steinberg, California Senate president pro tempore, speaks at the May 16 UC Davis School of Law Commencement where 16 Master of Laws and 192 Juris Doctor degrees were awarded.

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395 Carol Bruch

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2015 Law School Commencement

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