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Data cleaning can be a time consuming aspect of research. Join us for look at Loofah, a tool to help researchers clean their data. Data Loofah was developed within the UCD Clinical &…

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Faculty Forum - January 20, 2023 - A conversation about ChatGPT and AI

Recording of a Faculty Forum held Friday, January 20, 2023.On Friday, January 20, Academic Technology Services hosted a faculty forum on artificial intelligence with a focus on the OpenAI tool…

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ATS Ed Tech Week Webinar: Organizing Course Materials with Canvas Modules

This recorded webinar from the winter 2023 Ed Tech Week discusses strategies for using the Modules tool to create clear and helpful structures that will help students navigate online course materials…

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Matt Yost 2022 WAC - When You Just Don't Have Enough: Producing Irrigated Alfalfa Under Deficit Conditions

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Isaya Kisekka 2022 WAC - Modeling Alfalfa Yield Response to Limited Water

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Tao Wang 2022 WAC - Alfalfa Genome Sequencing

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Roger Baldwin 2022 WAC - Strategies for Rodent Management

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Alejandra Alvarez 2022 WAC - Wheel Lines for the 21st Century

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Isaya Kisekka 2022 WAC - Alfalfa Yield and Quality Prediction Tool

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Residency Experiences: A Supportive Environment: Dr. Arjun Vij and Asst. Professor Dr. Shannon Navarro

Resident Dr. Arjun Vij talks about the encouragement he got from one of his attendings and the supportive culture of UC Davis.

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ATS Ed Tech Week Webinar: Managing AggieVideo inside Canvas

Watch this 60 minute webinar on how to manage your AggieVideo content inside of Canvas

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A conversation about Accessible Teaching with Joshua Hori: A SITT 2022 Interview with Dr. Andy

Joshua Hori focuses on providing the technologies and faculty support to create teaching and learning resources, lessons, and activities that meet the need of all our students, regardless of learning…

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A conversation about inclusive teaching and learning with DJ Quinn: A SITT 2022 interview with Dr. Andy Jones

DJ Quinn of the University Writing Program shares his philosophy of teaching student-centric classes, using Zoom and other tools to include students who are challenged by the ongoing pandemic and by…

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Marc Olds Exit Seminar 6/7/2022

Marc Olds delivers his MS exit seminar for Soils and Biogeochemistry on the topic of "Automating Soil Taxonomy"

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Effectively reusing long or short lecture videos - from ATS Ed Tech Week Spring Quarter 2022

For more Ed Tech Week resources, including the resources shared in this workshop, please visit the Ed Tech Week section of The Wheel, our instructional technology blog.

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