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Laura Bogar - Symbiotic systems: understanding cooperation between tree roots and soil fungi across scale

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International Partnership Address, Willy Mutai, CEO, Tea Board of Kenya

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Dr. Romina Gazis-Seregina - The Crucial Role of Diagnostics in Disease Management

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2-2-2023 Bark Beetles: How tiny insects are transforming western forests with a little help from climate change

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Secrets of a Long Life: Chemical Defense of Bark Beetles by Bristlecone Pines

Dr Justin Runyon joins us for a special winter seminar hosted on January 31st 2023 to discuss Chemical defense of bark beetles by bristlecone pines. "Bristlecone pines are iconic species that…

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Zhanyou Xu 2022 WAC - What Have We Learned from 20 Years of Breeding for Alfalfa Root System Architecture?

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Behind the Science to Save the Lake: The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Known for its remarkable clarity, Lake Tahoe is considered the jewel of the Sierra Nevada. However, over recent decades, factors such as land-use changes, habitat destruction and the introduction of…

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2021 Plant Breeding Annual Retreat Day 1 Part 2

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Lecture for trees and forests ESM/PLS 144

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BML - Dr. Tiara Moore: "Environmental DNA & Biodiversity Assessments: Small Tools with Big Impacts"

John & Mary Louise Riley Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminar Series: Dr. Tiara Moore: "Environmental DNA & Biodiversity Assessments: Small Tools with Big Impacts" About the…

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Soil N CH4 (Part 2) Apr 26 Lecture

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Beverly Bulaon: The complex interactions of native insects and diseases of true-firs in the Southern Sierras

A Forest and Fire Ecology Random Lecture (FFERAL) sponsored by the California Fire Science Consortium and the US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Ecology Program. Abstract: True firs in California…

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Entomology 1 Watercolor Demo: Episode 3--Brushes and Application Techniques

This video is the third of 5 episodes on creating watercolor paintings that were created for use in Entomology 1: Art, Science and the World of Insects, produced by Diane Ullman, Professor of…

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EPS 131 Lecture 25 (Wildfires)

EPS 131 Lecture 25 (Wildfires)

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