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DSC - Panel2 - 02-05-2019 - Adaptive Management Forum

Adaptive Management Forum Panel Discussion: Case studies from other large-scale systems. Panelists: Sally Rudd, Kurt Kowalski, Ronald Thom, Moderator Maggie Christman

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ARE139: Lecture 6, Fall 2015

Lecture 6 gives examples of treasury-bond trading, pricing, profit-loss calculation, basis points, interest-rate expectation, and of currency trading are discussed. These are followed by video…

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ARE139: Lecture 5, Fall 2015

Lecture 5 presents the economic functions served by futures and options markets. It then begins a description of the terminology and mechanics involved in futures and options markets and provides a…

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ARE139: Lecture 4, Fall 2015

This class covers the use of Stock-Trak website. Describes the origins of futures and how the development of futures options reduced the seasonal price swings of agricultural commodities and…

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ARE139: Lecture 3, Fall 2015

This class describes what options contracts, or options on futures contracts are. It also answers what the difference is between a call option and a put option. What does it mean to go long or go…

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