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His 147A 001 (W'23) Lecture 14: Baudelaire

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"From Pharma to Cell Ag: Building a Career in the Biotech Industry" - Dr. Vanessa Small

DEB/ECH 294 SEMINAR "From Pharma to Cell Ag: Building a Career in the Biotech Industry" Vanessa Small, PhD Founder and CEO Alcheme BioFriday, March 3, 2023 Abstract:…

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February DOLCE on opportunities and challenges of flipping a course - Summary video by Dr. Andy Jones

A preview of a DOLCE talk by math professor Joseph Biello about flipping his math courses with the help of pre-recorded video. Please also review the full event recording.

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Industry Panel via Zoom with Q&A

Chair and TAC Member Marcus Wulf (HTH Hamburger Teehandel Gm H Im- & Export, Germany) and panelists: Robby Badruddin (KBP Chakra, Indonesia), Joyce W. Maina (Cambridge Tea Consultancy, England),…

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Black Tea History: Roots of Wellness in the African Diaspora

Professor Stephanie Y. Evans, Institute for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Georgia State University

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Closing Remarks

GTI Founding Director Katharine Burnett

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Faculty Forum - January 20, 2023 - A conversation about ChatGPT and AI

Recording of a Faculty Forum held Friday, January 20, 2023.On Friday, January 20, Academic Technology Services hosted a faculty forum on artificial intelligence with a focus on the OpenAI tool…

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Lecture 2: The Anglo-French Enlightenment

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His 147A 0U1 (W23): Lecture 1, Part 1

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147A: Intro to Themes of Course (WQ 2023)

An overview of the major themes and some of the figures we will be looking at this quarter.

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Career Development Week_Networking_Community and Belonging Nov2022

Connect with Campus and Health constituent and employee resource groups to build your network and connection to community at work. Participating groups include: Asian Pacific American Systemwide…

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Career Development Week_Authenticity Bringing Your Whole Self to Work Nov2022

Authenticity is being yourself without covering or hiding elements of you. In this session you will be given time to process in a variety of ways to think through how people and situations…

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ECS-235A, November 14, 2022

ECS-235A, Lecture 23, November 14, 2022

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5) Culture of the Fukushima Disasters--presentation by Dr. Doug Slaymaker

8th Annual Alan Templeton Distinguished Lecture in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures: Special Event The Culture of the Fukushima Disasters: Japanese Film, Literature, Manga, and…

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DOLCE - November 4, 2022 - "Redesigning Office Hours as an Accessible Learning Environment"

For this Friday’s DOLCE, we heard from one of the most popular professors in Design, and, prompted by his presentation, conversed together about the best ways to define and make use of our…

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HERO Spotlight Event: Mapping Population Diversity - October 31, 2022

Overview: Racial and ethnic classification in research and medicine is rooted in a centuries-long practice of categorizing humans into distinct groups to justify colonization, slavery, and…

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