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Intermediate R: Cleaning Data and Automating Tasks (2-Part Series), Part 2.2 - 2023-01-26

This 2-part workshop series for intermediate R programmers focuses on how to load and prepare data for analysis. First, you'll learn how to screen a data set for potential problems in its…

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ECS-235A, November 21, 2022

ECS-235A, Lecture 25, November 21, 2022

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ECS-235A, November 16, 2022

ECS-235A, Lecture 24, November 16, 2022

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ECS 235B, Winter 2022; Lecture #22; February 25, 2022

Lecture February 25, 2022 of ECS 235B, Foundations of Computer and Information Security

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Lecture 7 (Second Part)

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ECS 235A Fall Quarter 2021, Lecture 24, November 17, 2021

This is the video of the twenty-fourth lecture. It's crude as I made it from my laptop, as the room has no video recording. Looks like it worked; I hope it did!

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Workshop 7: Automating Your Analyses and Executing Long-Running Analyses on Remote Computers

This workshop will show attendees how to automate their analyses using shell scripts, as well as run and manage software that takes minutes, hours, or days to execute. We’ll also show you how…

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Autonomous Car Project

Senior Design Project: SD17 (Robots/Auto) Team Leads: Andrea Anaya, Ann Ryan, Caitlin Pasqualino, Ethan De Leon Advisor: Lance Halsted

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Efficient Fixpoint Computation for Abstract Interpretation

Abstract interpretation is a general framework for expressing static program analyses. It reduces the problem of extracting properties of a program to computing an approximation of the least fixpoint…

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ECS 220 7b:7.3-1 primitive recursive functions and Bloop

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ECS 220 7b:7.3-3 μ-recursive and partial recursive functions

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ECS 220 7b:7.3-2 Ackermann function

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ECS 220 7a:7.6-1 counter machine definition and examples

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ECS 220 6b:7.2-3 computable enumerability

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ECS 220 2a:4.2-2 k-SAT for k=1,2,3

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ECS 120 10b:3 diagonalization to show the halting problem is undecidable

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