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Storer Lecture - Jerry Coyne 4-9-14

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SAS004 05: Communal Living at the Extremes

This 59-minute presentation presents ideas related to the issues addressed in the movie Aguirre: Wrath of God, the course readings, and discussion section for this week.

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SAS004 06: Water, War, and Poor

This 43-minute presentation is related to the movie Even The Rain and is provided to you as an online streaming video podcast that you have to watch on your own.

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CMSI - Panel - 09/28/2016

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CMSI - Anne Morkill- 09/28/2016

Balancing multiple benefits within coastal ecosystems in the National Wildlife Refuges

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CMSI - Richard Frank - 09/28/2016

When laws collide: reconciling competing legal mandates in natural resources management

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CMSI - Mark Lubell- 09/28/2016

Governing conflicting natural resource management goals

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Storer Lecture - Dirk Inze 04-14-2006

"Cell Division and Growth in Plants" ATS Video migrated from on 2015-07-31

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2015 College of Letters & Science Speaker: Liam Burke

Liam Burke, candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science-Public Service, gives the student commencement speech for the UC Davis College of Letters & Science on June 13 2015,…

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Center for Regional Change: Susan Bissell 05-13-13

"The Protection of Children in Our Globalizing World: Change, Challenge and Champions." The Healthy Youth/Healthy Environments Speakers Series presents Dr. Susan Bissell, UNICEF's…

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