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526 de Leon Siantz

This interview is with Mary Lou de Leon Siantz, Professor Emerita of Nursing. After serving as Assistant Dean for Diversity and Cultural Affairs at the University of Pennsylvania, she came to Davis…

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UC Capitol Speaker Series - Mindy Romero - 08-29-2017

"Vote Centers are Coming to California: What do we need to know to help ensure successful and equitable implementation?"

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Refugio Rochin

Name: Refugio I. Rochin Interviewer: Winfred Schleiner Date Interviewed: 1/9/2007 Date Appointed: 1971 Date Retired: 1994 Department: Agricultural and Resource Economics In this conversation…

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Emerging Scholars Panel Q&A (05-03-2016)

Panelists: Juan Garibay, PhD Maribel Santiago, PhD Antero Garcia, PhD

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Maribel Santiago (05-03-2016)

Seeing History Through Multiple Lenses: Making Sense of Mexican American Discrimination ------- As part of the Emerging Scholars Panel: Pushing the Boundries of Equity-Oriented Research Hosted by…

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