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Miller Symposium-Eranthie Weerapana-03-01-2019

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2018 Bio Sci Student Speaker – Mounika Bhaskara June 17, 2018

Mounika Bhaskara, candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, gives the student address at the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences commencement…

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Storer Lecture - Bruce Ames 09-19-2004

"The Metabolic Tune-up to Optimize Health"

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Bruce A. Bonner

In this conversation, Emeritus Professor Bruce Bonner discusses his career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped his interests and scholarship,…

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R. Breidenbach

Name: R. W. Breidenbach Interviewer: James M. Lyons Date Interviewed: 2/19/2002 Date Appointed: 1967 Date Retired: 1993 Department: Agronomy & Range Science In this conversation Emeritus…

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James Lyons

Name: James M. Lyons Interviewer: Lawrence Rappaport Date Interviewed: 3/29/2001 Date Appointed: 1962 Date Retired: 1991 Department: Vegetable Crops In this conversation , Emeritus Professor…

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Roger Romani

Name: Roger Romani Interviewer: Tom Gradziel Date Interviewed: 6/6/2000 Date Appointed: 1951 Date Retired: 1992 Department: Pomology In this conversation , Emeritus Professor Roger Romani…

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