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2022 UC Davis Nuts and Berries Conference - Prof. Arpita Basu

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PLS100BL Live Session - Lab 2 - Plant Cell Expansion

Live session discussing the experimental setup of Lab 2 (two demo videos) and the data analyses for the report. A brief explanation on how to add custom error bars in Excel is also included.

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Conesa Lab members teach SQANTI3, IsoAnnot, and tappAS. Day three of PacBio-UC Davis joint Iso-Seq Workshop.

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eDNA Symposium - Theme 1 QA - Jan 29th 2020

Kristy Deiner and Alison Watts

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CMSI Nov 2019 - Management Perspectives Across Systems - Fish Habitat Restoration - Tedd Sommer

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CMSI - September 26, 2018 - Jim Cloern

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CMSI - September 26, 2018 - Deanna Sereno

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HYD151: Snow Measurement and Sampling

This 41-minute presentation covers the topic of snow measurement and sampling from a Californian perspective.

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HYD151: Historical Analysis

This 38-minute presentation explains the different styles of hydrological behavior revealed through historical analysis as well as several different approaches to getting at this.

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CMSI - Lenny Grimaldo (03-29-2016)

"Rearing habitat of larval and kuvenile Longfin Smelt in the San Francisco Estuary: A case to move into uncharted waters"

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