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EPS 131 Lecture 23a

EPS 131 Lecture 23a

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Storer Lecture - David Julius - 10-11-2018

Electroreception in Sharks and Skates: Insights into Sensory Adaptation.

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HYD151: Water Quality, part 1

This 27-minute presentation provides some background related to water quality and how we address it as a society, including a case study related to a project I worked on some time ago with suspended…

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HYD151: Stream Assessment

This 51-minute presentation introduces the essential conditions one needs to take note of when characterizing and assessing a stream.

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HYD151: Streamflow Measurement

This 58-minute presentation explains how to measure and estimate discharge by a variety of methods.

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HYD151: Velocity Measurement, part 2

This 35-minute presentation explains the various technologies available to measure velocity in a river.

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SAS004 08: Human Stewardship of the Earth, Part 2

This topic is broken up into 3 videos to make it easier to view them in chunks over time. This second video is 27 minutes long and covers the topics of ecosystem restoration, including river…

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Richard Walker (4/7/2015)

Coping with Water Scarcity: Social Science

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