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A conversation about minimizing the technology in our classrooms with Naomi Janowitz: A SITT 2023 Interview with Dr. Andy Jones

Naomi Janowitz and one of her former students share perspectives and recommendations regarding the benefits (including reduced distraction, improved engagement, and cultivated listening skills) of…

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Corey Ransom 2022 WAC - Wind Tunnel Demonstration of Sprays

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Career Development Week_Networking_Community and Belonging Nov2022

Connect with Campus and Health constituent and employee resource groups to build your network and connection to community at work. Participating groups include: Asian Pacific American Systemwide…

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Brewtiful Cheesy Breezy Bites

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Bess Caswell, IGN Seminar 4.20.22

Implementing a Dietary Impact Evaluation in Rural Sri Lanka Under COVID

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Hiking in and Around Davis

Elise, 2nd year PhD student, talks about spots to hike in and around Davis

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Learn how to download and run dia-nn ! It's free and super easy

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EPS 131 FQ2021 Lecture 23

Lecture 23 on Catastrophic Tropical Cyclones

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Lat 1 21 Sec 1 10-7 Recording ed

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Carl Sagan on Special Relativity

From the original Cosmos series on PBS.

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ENV200C Course Philosophy

About ENV200C

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EPS 131 Lecture 23a

EPS 131 Lecture 23a

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EPS 131 Lecture 22 (First Part)

EPS 131 Lecture 22 (First Part)

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Section 3.1 Prob 38: Bacterial Growth

Biological intuition for what derivatives tell us about population growth.

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202 Saturating and Draining Media

Saturating and draining our media with measurements of our container volume.

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CHE124A_1_Syllabus Kauzlarich_F2020

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