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Constructing the Pentagon Part 4: The Golden Ratio

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Constructing the Pentagon Part 3: Angle properties

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ECS 120 6c:4 rules-of-thumb for comparing function growth rates

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What are Epoxides

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Section 3.5 Prob 88: Adiabatic Gas Expansion

Related rates problem -- finding rate of change of volume for a gas expanding (adiabatically) given volume, pressure, and of change of pressure.

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Cis vs. Trans

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Section 1.5 #32 - Inverse functions and vaccine coverage

Video covers background on R0 (basic reproduction number) in epidemiology and uses inverse functions to determine vaccine coverage needed to achieve target probability of disease outbreak. From…

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VEN123L Video 5.1 - Spectrophotometry

How does a spectrophotometer work? What are the key parts of a spectrophotometer? What sort of cuvettes are available and how should they be handled? Copyright Thi Nguyen Do not distribute without…

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MOS Transistors (Part 4: Drain Current Equation)

EEC110A: Electronic Circuits I Instructor: Hooman Rashtian Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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VEN 101C: Week 2 - Summer Pruning - year old 1

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