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IGN - Lindsay Allen - Oct. 23, 2019

Institute for Global Nutrition (IGN) - Lecture by Lindsay Allen - Maternal vitamin B12 status and lactation: observations and interventions.

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Maria Marco & David Ehreth // Forum: Surprising Superfoods: The Science of Fermented Foods, March 12, 2019

Maria Marco, a professor and microbiologist in the Department of Food Science and Technology spoke about the science of fermented foods—how they are made, how they promote our health, and how…

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PICN Seminar - Kathryn Dewey - January 9, 2019

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PICN - Sigrun Henjum 10-17-2018


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Donald L. Bath

Name: Donald L. Bath Interviewer: Edward O. Price Date Interviewed: 4/9/02 Date Appointed: 1963 Date Retired: 1993 Department(s): Animal Science

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Stephen Sosnick

Name: Stephen S. Sosnick Interviewer: Alex F. McCalla Date Interviewed: 1/24/2006 Date Appointed: 1957 Date Retired: 1991 Department: Agriculture and Resource Economics In this conversation…

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Walter Dunkley

Name: Walter L. Dunkley Interviewer: John C. Bruhn Date Interviewed: 6/5/2001 Date Appointed: 1948 Date Retired: 1986 Department: Dairy Industry In this conversation , Emeritus Professor Walter…

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PICN - Lindsay Allen (05-18-2016)

The Mothers, Infants and Lactation Quality (MILQ) study.

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Determining how milk can influence intestinal health in a pig model of malnutrition

Presented by Elizabeth Maga Adjunct Professor, UC Davis Department of Animal Science

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