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Modeling matching problems in graphs and introducing traveling sales man problem.

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This lecture covers integer variables and modeling of combinatorial problems with integer variables. The example used GRAPH MATCHING.

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Low-Loss Three-Dimensional Fan-in/Fan-out Devices for Multi-Core Fiber Integration

Yi-Chun Ling Abstract: We demonstrate a 3D fan-in/fan-out device for multi-core fiber (MCF) integration with a SMF-28 fiber array by using ultrafast laser inscription (ULI). An automatic waveguide…

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2021-10-27: Disjunctive, logic modeling, matching, TSP

Videos and all other materials are copyright 2021 Matthias Köppe and shared as Open Educational Resources subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)…

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ECS 220 3a:2-5.3 Tromino Domino-Tiling

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This is the second section of the course MAT 168, we explain how solvers work. We cover topics such as Branch and bound, cutting planes, heuristics, and computational complexity.

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2020-10-02: Public transportation case study (MAT 168 Optimization)

Introduction to finite dimensional optimization problems. Domains of variables. Public transportation case study: The problem of assigning drivers to buses according to availability and preferences. …

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