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522 Xiaomei Chen

This interview is with Xiaomei Chen, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Chinese Literature and Culture. She was appointed in 2003 and retired in 2021.Xiaomei’s research interests include…

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Templeton Colloquium in Art History - February 25, 2022

“Of Satire and Bigotry: Press Culture, Women’s Rights, and Liminal Modernity in West Asia” SPEAKERS: Yasemin Gencer is a historian of Islamic art focusing on late Ottoman and…

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Mary H. Fong

In this conversation, Emerita Professor Mary Fong discusses her career at the University of California at Davis, including important persons and events that shaped her interests and scholarship, how…

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Richard Cramer

Name: Richard D. Cramer Interviewer: Harvey Himbelfarb Date Interviewed: 4/13/1995 Date Appointed: 1950-1963 1963-1981 Date Retired: 1981 Departments: Home Economics, Art In this conversation…

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Colloquium: The Art of Tea

"Drinking from the Dragon's Well: An Introduction to the Tea Cultures of China, Korea, and Japan" Presented by Dr. Steven D. Owyoung. "The Way(s) of Drinking Tea" Presented…

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Art History 2013: Dr. Shinya Maezaki - San Francisco between 1858 and 1912: Gate of Japanese Ceramics to the United States

San Francisco Between 1858 and 1912: Gate Of Japanese Ceramics To The United States, Dr. Shinya Maezaki October 8, 2013

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Art History: Lecture by Adam Gopnik (5-3-12)

Adam Gopnik - "The Table Comes First: France, Family and the Meaning of Food" May 3, 2012

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Art History: Lecture by Adam Gopnik (5-2-12)

Adam Gopnik - "Drawing Conclusions: Life Lessons Learned from Drawing" May 2, 2012

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AHI120A - Clay Brandow 3/2/2015

Clay Brandow, a founder of the Domes on the UC Davis campus, speaks about the construction of the Domes.

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