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510 LaMar

This interview is with Gerd La Mar, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry. After receiving his Ph.D. from Princeton and post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Copenhagen and the Swiss Federal…

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Section 1 1-6-22

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Linus Pauling--How He Discovered the Alpha Helix After several trials of model-making, and just as many errors, Pauling finally hit on the first--and still most important--structure defined in his…

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Presentation Pitches Section 2

Recording of final presentation pitches for discsussion section 2

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101C: Video 5 Ask Andy 5 - Week 5

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PICN - Susana Matias 10/19/2016

Prenatal and postnatal supplementation with lipid-based nutrient supplements reduced anemia and iron deficiency in young Bangladeshi children

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Research Overviews by PICN Faculty: Lindsay Allen, Reina Engle-Stone, Kay Dewey

Presentations by Lindsay Allen, Reina Engle-Stone, Kay Dewey

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