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ANS 2 Part III: Finding peer review journals and finding relevant articles

Learning Outcomes for this video include: Determine if a journal is peer-reviewed using Ulrich’s Find CAB Abstracts on…

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DL review - CD08

DL review session for PHY7A. WQ 2021.

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VEN290 Wine aging in oak barrels by Mark Bui-Ford (April 7 2020)

Seminar entitled "Chemical Reactions in Wine Related to Aging in Oak Barrels" by Mark Bui-Ford, MSc candidate in Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis.

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IGN - Christine Stewart - Nov. 6, 2019

IGN lecture with Christine Stewart - - Effect of eggs on child growth and development: results from the Mazira Project Randomized Controlled Trial

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DSC - Louise Conrad- 02-06-2019 Adaptive Management Forum

Overview of day 2 of the Adaptive Management Forum

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VET 400 Library Module II: Question Types

An overview of question types, how to identify what resources will best answer the students questions.

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CMSI - Welcome (03-29-2016)

Nann Fangue, Cliff Dahm - Welcome to "Delta & Longfin Smelt: Is Extinction Inevitable" Symposium

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2013 Letters and Science Commencement Speaker: Annmarie Stone

Graduating senior, Annmarie Stone, speaks at the June 2013 College of Letters and Science Commencement.

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