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Delta Management Using Biotelemetry - 02 - Michael Thomas - 11/09/2017

UC Davis' Biotelemetry Lab, Cramer Fish Sciences and Delta Science Program Symposium: Informaing Delta Management Using Biotelemety. November 9, 2017.

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ARE139: Lecture 12, Fall 2015

Lecture 12 begins with a description of Eurodollar futures contracts including calculation of profit or loss on and example contract. Professor Carter further discusses trade imbalance, politics,…

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ARE139: Lecture 11, Fall 2015

Lecture 11 outlines the three types of financial futures and how they are priced. Professor Carter describes the characteristics of different debt instruments, bonds and eurodollars. The role of…

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ARE139: Lecture 10, Fall 2015

Lecture 10 presents the Theory of Normal Backwardation (Keynes) and the Theory of Price of Storage (Working) - explain how the prices for different delivery months are related and, in turn, the…

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ARE139: Lecture 1, Fall 2015

Lecture 1 starts with a broad outline of the course. Carter discusses the history and basic principles of futures markets.

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