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A Woman's Job

Presented by Sandy Batchelor, WorkLife Manager, Principles of Community Week Why are women leaving the workforce? Why is the birthrate falling in much of the developed world? This presentation…

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What Does WorkLife Have To Do With DEI?

The WorkLife department at UC Davis provides programs, policies, referrals and education that enable employees and students to be effective at work, school and home. It encompasses dependent…

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Stage 5 Part 3: Interrogating Results

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env200c institutional theories

Overview of prominent insitutional theories

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ARE/ECN 115A: Poverty

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2020-12-04: Stable set problem, formulations/cuts (MAT 168 Optimization)

The stable set (independent set) problem: Integer programming formulations, Chvátal–Gomory cuts. notes-2020-12-04.pdf Videos and all other materials are copyright 2020 Matthias…

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HPA at DavisFest

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Chemical Engineering Vignette Faller Group Fall 2020

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ECN 135: Lecture 11, Part 2

Lecture 11: Monetary Policy Goals and Strategies (Part 2 of 2)

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BIS180L Lecture14 Clustering

BIS180L Intro to K-means and Hierarchical Clustering

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BIS180L Apr 28 in class

Multiple testing

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