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Dr Westerdahl - NEM 100

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Field Logistics.mp4

Antonia Palkovic, SCOPE Coordinator, discusses field planting logistics for field experiments. She addresses important considerations like growth habit, experimental design, breeding goals, location,…

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Crossing Blocks (James)

Speakers, PhD candidate, James Weeks from Cal Poly Pomona who talks about crossing blocks for tomatoes and PhD candidate. James goes over things to consider when planning crossing blocks, the tools…

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Pumplin 3-1-23

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2022 Fresh-cut Products - Session B

This video includes presentations on commodity group considerations for handling before and after fresh cut.00:00:00 - Apple & Pear - Beth Mitcham 00:44:12 - Tomato & Pepper - Angelos…

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Tomato To The Rescue

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UpSnacked Tomato Crisps

FST 160 S2022

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Demonstration of Instruments (Donis-Gonzalez)

The recording continues during the group photo and break portion (1:20 to 1:39) but picks up again after ~15 minutes.

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Field trip

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Student talk_Why IGG Danielle Stevens

Danielle Stevens, Student Chair of Recruitment, shares why she chose to join the IGG program to pursue her PhD

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The Business of Biotechnology

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Leonard Morris

Name: Leonard L. Morris Interviewer: Roger J. Romani Date Interviewed: 6/19/2001 Date Appointed: 1941 Date Retired: 1982 Department: Vegetable Crops In this conversation Emeritus…

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Robert Pearl

Name: Robert C. Pearl Interviewer: Jim Lapsley Date Interviewed: 5/11/2000 Date Appointed: 1947 Date Retired: 1989 Department: Food Science and Technology In this conversation , Emeritus…

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