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Machine Learning in R: Clustering and Classification (Part 2 of 2) 2024-05-30

This two-part workshop series provides an introduction to using R for two popular machine learning techniques: clustering and classification. Clustering involves identifying groups of similar…

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Heavy ion mini course 2023 Session 7

Discussion of Monte Carlo methods. Monte Carlo integration example. 1-D random walk example.

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HDE 131, Spring 2023, Lecture 1.4, Part 1

HDE 131, Spring 2023, Lecture 1.4 - Research Methods Part 1 of lecture

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Stage 6 Part 3: Communicating Results

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James Sharpnack P.h.D. - Lessons in domain adaptation and an unsupervised hunt for gravitational lenses

CeDAR (Center for Data science and Artificial intelligence Research) and UCD4IDS (UC Davis TETRAPODS Institute for Data Science) held their first joint conference in person on Friday, December 2,…

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SITT 2022: Comparison of Fully immersive VR, Desktop VR, and PowerPoint in Food Microbiology Laboratory Instruction by Luxin Wang and Fei Xue

To investigate how Virtual Reality (VR) benefits laboratory course teaching, we designed a VR-based lecture for the food microbiology laboratory course and compared its instructional effectiveness…

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Library Homepage Introduction

This guide will take you through the library homepage (effective 16 August 2022) and demonstrate how to: Navigate the homepage Find Research Guides Contact Librarians Access resources from off-campus…

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Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Hardware Security

Kevin Immanuel Gubbi Abstract: Due to the globalization of the semiconductor IC supply chain, there has been a plethora of opportunities for malicious entities to compromise the seciruty of the…

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Detection of Urine Accumulation in the Human Bladder using FMCW Radar - Ata Vafi

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PHYEPS30 Lecture 8 Lecture 9

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Lecture 8 Lecture 9

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Session 7: Recycling Manure Management

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SITT 2021 -- Giovanni Circella

Dr. Circella discusses widening participation in a remotely-taught transportation survey methods class to include expert guest speakers and graduate students from UCLA (interview recorded from the…

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05.17.21 - ECI 247L

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05.10.21 - ECI 247L

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